News from the Lookout - Issue 01

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A magazine by Lookout Games

News from the Lookout - Issue 01

The very first issue of Lookout Games customer magazine News from the Lookout in English is here! Interesting news, interviews and "behind the scenes" articles meet mini expansions and promotional items for our games. And as this is the very first issue you not only get one item, but three:

  • Patchwork Doodle Plus: New cards make the competition for the most beautiful patchwork even more interesting.
  • Caverna - The Cave Farmers: The Forgotten Folk - Halflings Promo: The Halflings promo was the very first new race for Cavernas expansion The Forgotten Folk, even released before the expansion itself.
  • Lookout Promo-Deck 2018: All promo cards from 2018 in one single pack combined.

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