Atiwa (EN/US)

Atiwa (EN/US)

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A game by Uwe Rosenberg

The Atiwa Range in sotuheastern Ghana consists of steep-sides hills with rater flat summits and is home to many endangered species. In a nearby town, the mayor is causing a stir by giving shelter to a large number of fruit bats in his own garden. He has recognized the great value the animals have in deforsted regions: Fruit bats sleep during the day and take off at sunset in search of food, looking for fruit trees many miles away. On their way home, they exrete the seeds of the consumed fruit, disseminating them across large areas.

Just like that mayor, in the game, you will develop a community near the Atiwa Range, creating housing for new families and sharing your newly gained knowledge on the importance fruit bats have for the environment. Acquire new land, manage your animals and resources, and make your community prosper. The player who best balances the needs of their town and the environment wins.