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Willkommen im Online-Shop von Lookout Spiele!

Welcome to the online shop by Lookout Spiele!

Stand: 11.01.2021

Liebe Kunden,

alle Informationen zu Einschränkungen bezüglich des Versands können Sie jederzeit direkt bei unserem Versandpartner DHL (Aktuelle Informationen zum Coronavirus) nachschauen. Zur Zeit gibt es in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz keine Einschränkungen. Sollte es doch einmal zu Problemen kommen, so bitten wir Sie um Verständnis und um Kontaktaufnahme unter


Das Lookout Team

As of January, 21th 2021

Dear customers,

all informations regarding restrictions for shipments can be found on the homepage of our shipment partner DHL (Current information on the coronavirus). We ask for your understanding if this causes problems for you. You can always reach out to us via and we will try to sort everything out.


the Lookout team

To all U.S. and Canadian customers:

Please be aware that packages shipped by DHL travel on boat! This means that you have to expect significantly longer transit times of 30+ days, depending on your exact location!

To all customers from countries with a crisis surcharge:

We do not invoice the crisis surcharge during the checkout process.Instead we prefer to postpone the shipment until no further surcharges are applied. If you still want your package immediately shipped, please contact and we will invoice the appropriate surcharge directly.

Dank PayPal Plus sicher und einfach per PayPal, Kreditkarte oder Lastschrift bezahlen!*

Bei Kreditkarten- oder Lastschriftzahlung natürlich auch ohne PayPal-Konto.

* Es stehen nicht alle Bezahlservices in allen Ländern zur Verfügung! Weitere Informationen hierzu finden Sie auf


Save and easy payment via PayPal, debit card or direct debit thanks to PayPal Plus!*

When paying via debit card or direct debit, a PayPal account is not required.

* Not all payment methods are available in all countries! For more information, please check

Deutschland, Europa und die Welt! Wir versenden fast überall hin.

Deutschlandweit ab 45€ sogar Versandkostenfrei!


Germany, Europe and the World! We ship nearly everywhere.

Free shipping on all orders in Germany with 45€ minimum purchase.

Defekte oder fehlende Teile? Unser Ersatzteilservice hilft Ihnen schnell und unkompliziert!

Nutzen Sie einfach die für Ihr Land zutreffenden Kontaktformulare &E-Mail Adressen auf unserer Ersatzteil-Seite.


Broken or missing components? Our replacement part service will help you fast and uncomplicated!

Simply use the appropriate contact forms & email addresses on our replacement part service page.

Flag: Brazil

To our Brazilian customers:

Unfortunately we have to stop offering Brazil as shipment destination in our shop. In the last month not even one package arrived at its destination successfully and the returned games were all severely damaged. We are very unhappy with this situation, but can't do anything about it. We are very sorry and ask for your understanding,

the Lookout Team